The Canadian R&R


Rest and relax with this pretty-pink twist on a rum and coke. Since rhubarb has a natural affinity for flavours traditionally used in cola — think, citrus and pepper — we subbed out the pop in the classic version fora homemade rhubarb soda topped with flavourful bitters.



Makes 1 drink

Ice cubes

2 oz white rum, such as Proof or Bank’s

1 lime

2 oz Rhubarb-Peppercorn Syrup

1 oz chilled club soda

1 dash Victoria Spirits’ Twisted & Bitter black pepper bitters, optional

1 dash orange bitters, optional

1 small piece of rhubarb top with leaves for garnish, optional

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour in rum. Squeeze in juice of half a lime through a strainer. Using a bar spoon, stir to chill. Continue adding ingredients and stirring to mix and chill. Add bitters. Garnish with a lime wedge and a small rhubarb stalk.


The Canadian R&R Rhubarb 1  The Canadian R&R Rhubarb 2  The Canadian R&R Rhubarb 3


More ways with rhubarb…

In a small bowl, stir crumbled room temperature goat cheese with a little whipping cream until smooth and creamy. Spread over crostini toasts. Top with dollops of rhubarb puree. Sprinkle with black pepper.

Stir cream fraiche with freshly grated lemon peel. Spoon into baked mini pastry shells. Top with dollops of rhubarb puree and sprigs of fresh tarragon.

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